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Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control Mosquito Control

There is hardly anybody who is not aware about this pest. There are more than 3100 species under 37 genuses, Of mosquitoes being reported worldwide of which only 300 species transmit human & animal diseases, and in India with more than 255 spp. underl 5 genus are being reported and is a major pest of public health importance being a biological vector of many fatal diseases like malaria, dengue, filariasis, and sometime arbovirus like chikengunia. than any other arthropod. Apart from nuisance to mankind. The medically Important species are ANOPHELENE,CULEX , AEDES and MANSONIA. All these Mosquitoes always breed in various type water whether potable, polluted, semi polluted either natural or artificial reservoirs. The life cycle comprise if eggs, larvae, and pupae. Which last for 8 to 11 days, Which are aquatic stages, and adult for 15 to 25 days depending upon the atmospheric / environmental condition .Only female mosquito requires blood meal for eggs laying, however male are feeding on flower nectar and are short lived .They can fly up to 8km depending on weather condition.